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Encore Homeschool Fine Arts 

Music classes from preschool age through high school, including choir, band, guitar, strings and more. Contact the director, Martha Bachert at

Music Class


For many years TEACH Drama has been giving middle and high schoolers the opportunity to learn together and put on a play each semester. Contact the director Lisa Masson at


Julie Hammer, artist

Julie Hammer is a local artist and retired private school art teacher. She offers group art classes for homeschoolers. Contact her at

Kids in Art Class

Cathy Barfield science classes

An experienced homeschool science teacher, Cathy offers middle and high school classes in Physical Science, Biology and Advanced Biology. For more information, email or text

(913-235-4959). Description of each class is on her web page:

Biology Class

Sew Simple Sewing Classes

Sewing classes of all levels offered during the day for homeschoolers. Please contact them through the website Here!

Sewing Equipments

Lawrence Arts Center

The Lawrence Art Center offers multiple classes designed for homeschoolers and taught during the school day. To see a list of current classes click HERE and search for "home school" (make sure to use two words!) which is included in title of the daytime student classes! (fyi, there is one music class that uses the one word version "homeschool" in the title)

Art Fun
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